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Add Text to Images

Posted by Sheree Burlington on

We recently introduced a new collection of images designed for use in your social media and print ad campaigns. Many of these images include a blank white area suitable for your marketing and store information. Forget paying a graphic designer to personalize our images - you can totally do it yourself. 

A quick web search revealed dozens of free photo-editing programs for non-designers just like you. We chose PickMonkey because it's both free and easy-to-use. Free features include simple edits like cropping, effects, touch ups, shape overlays, frames and textures. This tutorial will focus on adding text. 

Before starting, grab our images by logging into your Museware Pottery LLC wholesale account. Access our image library by clicking WS Marketing. Save images to your computer by right clicking the image and choosing "save as." Notice where your image is saved so you can find it later. For easy access, we recommend creating a dedicated Museware folder. 

1. Go to Free edit options are located at the top of the page. 

2. Choose your image: Hover your mouse over the Edit icon to reveal the Edit menu. Choose computer, then find the image you'd like to edit. Click the image, then click open. 

3. Choose your font: Once your image appears in PicMonkey, click the text (Tt) icon on the left to reveal a list of fonts. Click to choose a font (fonts with a crown icon require a paid subscription.) For this project, simple is best. We chose Didact Gothic. 

3. Add a text box: Once you've chosen your font, click the "Add Text" box, located at the top of the font menu. A text box will appear over your image, along with a floating text edit box. The default text color is set to black (recommended.)

4. Position and resize the text box: Hover over the text box until your cursor turns into a 4 way arrow. Click and hold to drag it over the blank area. Hover over the left edge until your cursor changes to a left-right arrow. Expand the box by dragging it to the left. Do the same with the right. 

5. Add your marketing message: Type your message in the text box. Change the font size by dragging the size button left or right. We chose "Personalized Anniversary Gift Pottery" as our primary message and set our text size at 80. 

6. Add your store information: Follow the same instructions above, this time choosing a smaller font. Tweak font size and box positioning until you are happy with the results. We chose Geo Sans Light and set the font size to 56. 

7. Save your design: Once you're happy with your design, click the Save button, located above the image. Quality in PicMonkey refers to file size. We chose "Pierce" which results in a good quality, good sized file - not too small and not too huge. Now click the green Save to my computer box. 

8. Name your design: Avoid overwriting your original file by renaming your image. Note the saved location so that you can find it again. 

That's it! You've set your marketing message, personalized it with your store information and saved it to your computer. Now it's time to use your new image. Post it to Instagram or your business Facebook page (tag us so we can see your handiwork.) Use it for print ads. Send it to your client base through an email marketing program like Constant Contact. Print it on square flyers offered through and slip it into your customer's shopping bag. 

Want to see a specific image featured? Let us know and we'll create it for you. 


Nicole & Kris

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