Museware's personalized pottery is designed and priced to include your personal information in a specific area on a predetermined design layout. Changes to design layouts are not available. A streamlined approach to painting makes it possible to get your gift out quickly. 

Handmade: Our pottery gifts are entirely handmade and are naturally imperfect. Crooked letters, differences in pottery dimension, paint color & darkness, image placement and composition are common characteristics found in each piece of Museware Pottery. Personalized gifts are hand painted to order and cannot be canceled or returned, so please double check your information before placing your order.  

Ordering: Most of our designs are really easy to order. If you know their names and special date, you'll find a great selection of personalized gifts - each hand painted just for them. Just choose your gift, fill out the order form, shipping and payment information and we'll take care of the rest. We'll hand paint your gift, wrap it carefully, and ship it to you - or any address in the contiguous 48 states. You can even order multiple gifts shipped to different addresses - just follow the on-screen instructions. Your order ships 14 days from the date you place it. If you need your gift sooner, check the Rush Production box on your order form and your gift will be ready to ship in just 7 days. 

Custom Cursive Designs: Some of our designs require a bit more homework on your part. Our Custom Cursive designs include your personal message of up to 50 words/340 characters. Popular messages include a list of names, personal characteristics, places traveled, song lyrics or wedding invitation text. If it fits in the text box, it will fit on the plate. 

Your message is hand written in our own natural cursive. We don't use computers or decals - just a temperamental paint bottle with a metal tip. Some days, the paint flows smoothly. Others - not so much. Either way, we keep at it until we've covered the plate with your personal message. It's written in the same order typed into the order form and is almost always partially repeated to fill the rest of the plate. Because a big blank area at the end is a big no.

Because natural handwriting is an organic and unpredictable process, we can't accommodate requests for specific ending text - sorry. Also, hyphenation is a common and unavoidable part of the process - think letter writing or journal entries. Depending upon the design you choose, parts of your cursive message will be obscured by the main design. Cursive messages are available only in English. Words & proper spelling must be memorized prior to writing - really difficult with an unfamiliar language.