Can I show you my new stuff?

Can I show you my new stuff?

Posted by Sheree Burlington on Sep 20th 2019

Museware turned 14 years old on 9/14/19. After all these years, I still love my work and prefer my neutral color palette to all others in the world. I feel blessed to make a living doing what I love - something so many creatives yearn for. 

The other creative side of me, the side people rarely see - is very different from Museware. Unlike my tone on tone pottery, my alternate design universe is abstract with color and texture and layers of things and more things and only a run on sentence can adequately express what it's like to design with such total and complete freedom with no rules, then put it on stuff. It's so much fricken fun I can't believe I get paid to do this. 

My new favorite way to present my designs is decoupage glass, a technique learned 2 years ago while making Christmas gifts. One day, when I know you better, I'll show you the gift I made for each member of my family. The theme was The Bird and everyone, including my 84 year old mother, was throwing it it. It's an odd holiday tradition started by my brother, Russell. He'd force me to pose, flipping off his best friend, Jim - for his yearly Christmas card. Over the years, it grew until it featured our entire family. We're really nice people, promise. We just really like the f word - and flipping people off. 

This design is my favorite. Actually, like kids, they're all my favorite. I love the colors, the textures, the message - all of it. Thanks for letting me share it with you.