Can I show you my new stuff?

Can I show you my new stuff?

Museware turned 14 years old on 9/14/19. After all these years, I still love my work and prefer my neutral color palette to all others in the world. I feel blessed to make a living doing what I love - something so many creatives yearn for. The o

Why We Say No to Design Changes

Years ago, Museware Pottery offered custom work and said yes to every request. It added weeks to our lead time, bogged us down and wiped out any hope of turning a profit. When we realized that the road to ruin was paved with good intentions, we got s

Buy & Sell - Wedding Invitation Platter

Our Wedding Invitation Platter is our most popular personalized wedding gift, ever. Conceived over a cup of hot tea & a Snickers bar, this 2009 introduction is pretty & meaningful and is perfectly imperfect. It's also our most challenging to

Creating New Designs

I've been in Museware Pottery design mode for the last month. When designing, I am a twisted combination of exhilarated and depressed. One day, my designs are brilliant. The next, they suck. I love the process. No, I fricken hate it. I've spent 30 da