Creating New Designs

Posted by Sheree Burlington on Mar 24th 2015

I've been in Museware Pottery design mode for the last month. When designing, I am a twisted combination of exhilarated and depressed. One day, my designs are brilliant. The next, they suck. I love th … read more

Handmade. By Hands.

Posted by Sheree Burlington on Aug 15th 2014

Machine Made: One of my son's favorite TV shows was The Science Channel's How It's Made. We'd often watch it together - amazed as those complex machines lifted, spun, cut, grouped and packed roll … read more

Build your own eCommerce store

Posted by Sheree Burlington on May 30th 2014

If you've been thinking about starting an eCommerce site but don't know where to begin - this could be a good place to start. Museware Pottery has been selling online since 2006. We've tried a number … read more