Navigating Rough Waters

Navigating Rough Waters

Posted by Nicole Rivet on Mar 24th 2020

What a wild ride the last couple weeks have been, huh? Remember what life was like before the Coronavirus smacked us all up side the head? It seems like a distant memory but I have a terrible short-term memory. (the long-term is also questionable, tbh.)

Here are a few things I do recall about business from the not-so-distant past:

1. Wedding season was ramping up and our retailers were seeing increasing traffic to their shops.

2. Sheree completed and released so many beautiful new designs to share with the world.

3. Having a job that we love to go to every morning.

These things continue to keep me hopeful and although we are looking through the periscope towards a new normal, we will all navigate these rough waters. The ability to adapt is present in all of us and knowing that we are all going through this together brings me comfort. There have been so many really beautiful things that have happened in response to this pandemic. I have seen humanity restored in our communities and my heart is full from the outpouring of support for our front-line saviors from everyday people. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for strangers. 

We are not ignorant to the tragedies that are taking place around the world. There needs to be a united front as we all do what we can to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this unknown, un-tamable disease.

Instead of fearing the worst, let's hope and pray for the best. Be good to your neighbors and call your loved ones. Shop local when you are able, practice physical distancing & wash your hands...for the love of Pete.