What is your return policy?  Your personalized gift is hand painted to order and cannot be canceled or returned. Please review your request carefully before placing your order as orders go into immediate production upon receipt. Museware Pottery LLC is not responsible for your spelling or other errors. 

Our handmade pottery gifts are entirely handmade and are naturally imperfect.  Crooked letters, differences in pottery dimension, paint color, image placement and composition are common characteristics of each piece of Museware Pottery. While remake requests for natural, hand painted characteristics are generally not accepted, please contact us at 603-210-1608 with any questions or concerns about your personalized pottery gift. 
How long will it take to get my order?  Orders ship in 14 days.  Rush Service is available for an additional $16 per item. Rush orders ship in 7 days. Please allow 2-5 business days for UPS ground transit time. 

Can I make changes to your designs?  In a word: No. (Sorry) Museware Pottery is designed and priced to include your personal information in a specific area on a predetermined design layout. Design changes & custom work are not available.

Can I request a different font? Designs are available only in the font shown on the item.

How is Museware Pottery made?  Our pottery is hand painted on unfinished, white earthenware. No computers or decals are used. Many of our images are reproduced using hand made or hand carved stamps, some with stamps found in the retail marketplace. Each piece receives up to 5 layers of paint before being kiln fired at 1835* for up to 9 hours, resulting in a smooth, glossy, food safe finish. Due to the handmade nature of our product, no two pieces are exactly alike. Crooked letters, differences in pottery dimension, paint color & darkness, image placement and composition are present in every piece of Museware Pottery.

Do you include a gift cards with your pottery?  We will hand write a personal message on one of our gift cards. Simply type your gift message into the "optional gift message" text box, shown on the item order page. An artist card containing a brief company history and care instructions is included with each piece of Museware Pottery.

How should I care for my pottery?  Our pottery is made with lead free, non toxic materials and is food safe. Extend the life of your art pottery by avoiding microwave and conventional ovens. Due to the sentimental value of our personalized pottery, hand washing is recommended.

I lost the instructions for my pottery pen. Can you help?  Sure. Prior to use, shake your pottery pen well. Press the white tip repeatedly against a piece of paper to start paint flow. Our pottery pens write like a marker. Damp wipe mistakes. Be sure to cap your pen tightly between use and store flat. Allow signatures to dry overnight then bake in a 300* home oven for 30 minutes. Writing is now permanent and food safe.

Should your pen dry out, it is possible to save it. Holding it upright, remove the tip and soak for several hours in hot, even boiling water. Replace the tip and prime. While this does not always work, it is worth a try.