Functional Kitchenware

Unique, handcrafted pottery gifts with a fresh look and just a bit of attitude. Our Real Life collection is designed for your best friend, mom and dad, grandma or grandpa, coworker or boss, Spartan or Triathlete, even your Secret Space Program obsessed aunt. Food, dishwasher, left in the microwave for days safe.

Handcrafted stoneware, porcelain and earthenware pottery, designed and created in a drafty, dusty, historic mill on the Suncook River in Pembroke, NH. Each piece of Museware's pottery is handmade, hand decorated, and kiln-fired for up to 8 hours, resulting in a smooth, shiny, food-safe finish. Designs in our Real Life Collection feature unique, original art and sentiments, many created while watching bad TV. I'm drawn to uplifting messages, sarcasm, the F word, and talking about the Secret Space Program.

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