Ginkgo Wedding Invitation Platter

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This personalized pottery Ginkgo Leaf Platter is perfect gift for outdoor and rustic weddings, countryside family celebrations and new home housewarming gifts. 

  • Natural, handwritten cursive inscription
  • Create your own custom, personal message
  • Handcrafted just for you - gift a one of a kind, custom piece of pottery

Shopping for the perfect wedding gift can be a challenge. Registry gifts are predictable and - not much fun to give. Show you really care by choosing a gift that's uniquely "them." Here at Museware Pottery, we simplify gift giving by offering all kinds of personalized wedding gifts. This woods and nature themed platter is a great option for outdoor weddings. It will commemorate their special day, and do it it a personalized style that they'll cherish forever. And the custom message options are unlimited - choose the language of their carefully crafted wedding invitation, the words of their favorite song, the address and location of their lovely new home. Whatever you choose, this is sure to be a gift they'll remember, long after the registry gifts have been forgotten. 

  • Message options: Wedding Invitation text, OR First Corinthians "Love is Patient and Kind..."
  • OR any text that will fit in the box - a list of names, song lyrics, places traveled, etc.
  • Unwrapped, wrap it yourself gift box available - for local gifting
  • 14.25 inches x 10.25 inches 

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