Guest Book & Signature Platters

Find the perfect hand painted Wedding Guest Book Platter and Guestbook Alternatives. Our Wedding Signature Platters make memorable wedding, marriage, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner gifts.

Personalized signature platters popular gifts for 50th wedding and other anniversaries, family reunions, retirement parties, and milestone birthdays. Available in Monogrammed and Coastal designs, our signed platters were voted a most popular gift by our completely unscientific poll.

Each signature platter comes a special, easy to use pottery pen. Damp wipe mistakes. Writing becomes permanent and food safe once baked for 30 minutes in a 300* home oven. Hand wash. Back-up pen purchase suggested. 

LOVE IT GUARANTEE: If you love handmade, artisan gifts, we're sure you'll love the unique, naturally imperfect, made-by-hand characteristics of your personalized Museware Pottery. If you don't, please contact us at 603-210-1608 within 10 days to arrange for a replacement or refund.

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