One of a Kind Designs

Created as an assignment to get me out of a design rut, One-Offs are singular, unique, one of a kind, OOAK, designer originals made by me, instead of by my My People - Nicole & Kitt. Each is an exercise in technique, color, composition, and shape. Many feature reconfigured ceramic transfers from my Real Life Collection, combined with various hand painted experiments. I randomly sign smudges, interesting drips and other mishaps - usually when I like the piece and don't want to scrap it. Hopeless efforts end up in the WTF pile, where they'll sit for years because what was I thinking. Favorites will become part of a new collection or inspire a whole new direction, making this the best. project. ever.

Each piece is signed and numbered. If something I made was made for you, don't wait. Because I only made one. 


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