Buy & Sell - Wedding Invitation Platter

Posted by Sheree Burlington on Jul 10th 2015

Museware Pottery Wedding Invitation PlatterOur Wedding Invitation Platter is our most popular personalized wedding gift, ever. Conceived over a cup of hot tea & a Snickers bar, this 2009 introduction is pretty & meaningful and is perfectly imperfect. It's also our most challenging to make, buy & sell. 

Hand writing on bisque is difficult - it's rough, porous and unforgiving. Using a temperamental metal-tipped bottle, we hand write your invitation text using our own natural cursive handwriting. Because our black paint stains the bisque, most mistakes can't be corrected. Which means we get one chance to get it right. When we don't, the plate is scrapped and we start over.

What we will do:   

  • Personalize our design with your two 10 character first names and a numeric date. 
  • Include your 50 word/340 character wedding invitation or any alternate text (even if it's naughty.) If your message fits in the text box on our web site order form, it will fit on the plate. If it won't, try abbreviating dates & times to conserve space. 
  • Embellish with your choice of three side bar designs - Scroll, Coastal or Bird.
  • Hyphenate words where necessary
  • Partially repeat your text to fill the entire design area

What we won't do:

  • Change our design layout
  • Write in a language other than English
  • End the platter with specific text 
  • Promise not to hyphenate or repeat text
  • Write in all CAPS

What you love about this gift:

You love that this gift includes their wedding invitation - and honors the thought that went into its creation. You love that their names and wedding date are prominently featured over their carefully crafted invitation text. 

You love that it's neutral enough to complement their new home, no matter what their style. That it's made just for them and won't end up in the cabinet over the refrigerator. 

You love that it will be their favorite wedding gift, ever. And that you cannot wait until they open it. 

What you don't love:

Hyphenated words. We know. We wish we didn't have to, either. Hyphenation is used to avoid large, unsightly blank areas at the end of lines and is unavoidable. Sorry.

That your invitation text is partially repeated. Again - unavoidable. Varying word and message length make a precise top to bottom fit virtually impossible. Not repeating your text would result it a large blank area at the bottom of the piece. So Not Pretty. 

Our cursive artist, Nicole, hand writes dozens of messages every day. She's perfected a difficult process & makes it look simple. It's not. During a recent absence and armed with desperately rusty skills, I picked up the writer. OMG. What a train wreck! I ruined platter after platter, swearing like a sailor the whole time. It was a maddening process that made me question how I ever started this company in the first place. Upon her return, Nicole gently requested that I step away from the cursive table. Like, permanently. 

Nicole knows your names, those of your parents, where and when you married and often - the words to your favorite song. The entire time she's writing your message, you're on her mind. And since Nicole is one of the nicest people in the world, she's infusing your gift with sincerely good thoughts. We think that's a great way to start a life together.