The Environment

Good Girls go bad. Then good again.

In an effort to avoid using packing peanuts, we spent our first 2 years trying every - seriously every type of packing material offered by anyone, anywhere. Any good Karma created by that honest effort was dashed by the amount of pottery that arrived in pieces.

Like everyone else, we eventually submitted. The reason half the world uses bubble wrap and peanuts? Because they protect fragile things from damage. And they're relatively cheap, if the only cost considered is the price. Submission came with guilt - knowing that every package we shipped was an environmental nightmare. We also knew everyone hated messy, floaty stuff sticking all over everything, flying down the street when you put out the trash. And they can't even be recycled.

In 2009, we ended our relationship with bubble wrap and those hateful peanuts. Our pottery now comes wrapped in beautiful GreenWrap - a reusable, recyclable and compostable Kraft paper product. GreenWrap reduced the depth of our boxes by nearly half. Smaller boxes = less material. More room on trucks = less fuel. We feel better now. And we're pretty sure our Mother does too.

Reuse this fabulous material to wrap out of season dinnerware, holiday decor & ornaments. Use it as an organic, decorative backdrop. Return pot luck dishes wrapped in it. When you're finished with it, tuck it into your curbside recycle bin or add it to your compost heap. We thank you. The Good Earth thanks you, too.