Wedding Invitation Platters

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These personalized pottery Wedding Invitation Platters are perfect for bridal showers, wedding gifts, and new home housewarming gifts. 

  • Natural, handwritten cursive inscription
  • Create your own personal message
  • Own a one of a kind, custom piece of pottery

Shopping for the perfect wedding gift can be hard. Here at Museware Pottery, we make the process easier with all kinds of personalized wedding pottery gifts. The Wedding Invitation Flare is a great gift option for a loved one's big day; not only will it commemorate one of the greatest days of their lives, but it will do so with a one of a kind, personalized style that they'll cherish forever. Choose a standard message inscription or customize your own personal message, handwritten in our own natural cursive. 

  • Message options: Wedding Invitation text, OR First Corinthians "Love is Patient and Kind..."
  • OR any text that will fit in the box - a list of names, song lyrics, places traveled, etc
  • 14.25 inches x 10.25 inches