Wing + Tree

shereeandneal.pngHello, and thank you for visiting Wing + Tree by Museware. Most likely you're here because you, or someone you know, has suffered the loss of a loved one. I hope that while you're here, you find something uplifting and comforting. 

I'm Sheree Burlington, the designer of Wing + Tree by Museware. This is me and my son Neal. On 20 August 2012, he crashed his motorcycle and never came home again. He was 19. 

In the early stages of my grief, I turned to art therapy for relief. Some of these designs come from my own journey back from loss. I believe that when words fail, and they often do, this collection sends the comforting message: Your nonphysical loved ones are nearby, loving and guiding you every day. Because they really are and they really do.  

I've had a few years to live with the empty space left behind by the funny, intelligent, noisy, gentle giant I called my son. Grief has been replaced by a kind of acceptance. He's gone. This is how life works. I still mourn - but I more celebrate Neal's noisy, fast, short life. I talk about him like he's still here and can barely remember what a huge pain he was. I feel him, see signs, ask for and get answers. This kid is really, really busy. 

They're everywhere - the people we love and think we have lost. They've just stepped through that doorway and we can't see them. To hear, to see, to feel - takes some intention and attention. Signs of life afterlife are everywhere. We just have to open our eyes, tune our ears - open our hearts to the quiet voice that speaks within. That voice comes from the heart - the very place we say we'll carry them, forever.

So I'm sending inspiration from my angel to your angel. I wish you and those you love a peaceful and healing heart.